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"London-based singer-songwriter-producer, ETAN,  crafting an exceptional solo career with a unmistakably universal sound. Her adept fusion of synthesizers and classical elements has resulted in a boundless approach to composition and lyricism."  Wonderland Magazing

"Cleverly titled, “Growing Pains (Anthems for Late Boomers)” is the track that gives title (and concept) to ETAN's highly recommended EP released earlier this year. Electronic pop, with influences from St. Vincent, Kate Bush, and even Eurythmics, to confront the discomforts of growth." Rolling Stone Argentina

"London-based singer-songwriter and producer ETAN has released her debut EP, "Growing Pains (Anthems for Late Bloomers)," which showcases her meticulous production skills and resonates with the essence of resilience and growth"  Natalie Patrick, Earmilk 

"I’m on a futuristic ride in a flying car on another planet populated by undulating, wildly fashionable, beautiful beings bopping with knowing grins on their faces. This is a tune." Chris Ingram, Fresh On The Net Faves

"Absolutely inspiring and motivating music. Just what we need right now. This will lift up you, no doubt. Etan is a great storyteller, intriguing to listen to. That makes this song iconic. There’s vision in it.". LEFUTUREWAVE

"Reminds me of the more upbeat side of Goldfrapp mixed with a bit more electro edge. London based singer-songwriter, producer and vocalist, ETAN, has crafted an engaging electronic pop track that recalls 80’s synthpop glory days." Audiodrums

"Despite the noise of many people packed into the smaller Manhattan venue Etan‘s voice carried strongly through everyone’s ears so much so that all eye’s were on her for the entire show." Cougar Microbes

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Etan - Lincoln Pictures-25.jpg

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